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Training plans
From 69 Eur / month
Training for teams
Treniruotės dviratininkų ir triatlonininkų komandomsTreniruotės dviratininkų ir triatlonininkų komandoms
From 40 Eur
Private training sessions
30 Eur / 1.5 h
Training camps
From 1000 Eur

"I have trained with Venantas for more than a year and I am super happy with him. I see huge changes in my physical conditions. Surprised with results that I have achieved and recommend Atletu kalve to everyone who want to be their best version."

- Viltė Kriaučiūnaitė

"I have worked whole season according to the plan and I reached my first win. This really boosted my motivation. Highly recommend!

- Gustas Raugala

"Quality and maximum attention to training process. These are the main things that I have received by choosing Venantas as my personal coach. You will find everything that you need if you want to improve. Just set a goal and go for a ride!"

- Elena Čiuraitė

"Personal feeling and health reached a level which I have never had in my life, event when I was in highschool. My metabolism became super fast, I have stopped getting sick, full of energy and I feel amazing. For this I am grateful to Venantas, who in such a short time managed to help me reach my best potential both in physical and psychological form."

- Tomas Morozovas

I contacted Venantas, we started working together and I'm very happy with the progress - the training plan is clear and understandable, and we have monthly live sessions with Venantas where we discuss broader issues. Analysis of training and answers to questions after training is also surprisingly prompt, as Venantas usually answers all questions within a few hours - be it nutrition, fatigue or technical matters. Of course, the personal training was invaluable, and even questions I didn't think I needed to ask were answered. As the season draws to a close, I start making plans for the next season and focusing on the ultra format, I know that sitting for long hours on the bike with the preparation and support of Atletu Kalves will be much easier and more fun.

- Leonardas Marozas

I started training at the Athletu Kalve 8 months ago. Before that, I trained myself for ~2.5 years with programs from Sufferfest and YouTube. The main benefit I get at the Atletu Kalve is 1-on-1 answers to all the questions I have. Venantas explained much more clearly than Youtube what is important when training, what is less important - e.g. balance of amount of rest, Z2 and hard training. Before working with Venant, I trained harder than I do now, but I am physically stronger now :) Thanks to Venantas!

- Vladas Jurkevičius

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